Mastering the Art of Effective Influence


Leading From the Shadows
By Richard Hytner

The number one position in a company is often a place that many aspire to but few gain and with this book we learn that the adviser for that position is often overlooked. We discover that by helping the ones in the hot-seat if often a better position to help steer an organization. Are you a “C” and if yes how do you get an organization to recognize and reward that position. We dig into the concept of the Consiglieri and discover how to find, empower and enlist them. If you are a leader or a helper of leaders this book is a must read. Learn how to grow your position as an influencer and help the leaders above you grow and prosper.

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Welcome to Season 5


Well it’s a start of a new season and with just under 200 business books reviewed I am excited to get to that major goal. I hope you enjoy this new season as much as I enjoy making it. Don’t forget to tweet and Facebook share the reviews so more business people can discover some for the amazing knowledge that is available to them in these great books.



End of Season 4


Bob-Breaking-LONGJust a quick note of thanks to all our listeners and the generosity of all the authors for coming on the show.

This september we start a whole new season and it’s going to be great.

Make Waves Not War


Making_WavesMake Waves
Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life
by Patti Johnson

For many of us making waves has a negative connotation but this book will flip that thinking 180 degrees. Power motivating learning is found in this book and if you plan to make change or want to help others make change this book as all the answers. I find out how to make myself aware of my personal waves and how to guide and build that wave into a viable and functioning goal for myself and those around me. The book covers the how to’s of wave strategy but it goes a step further and provides many interviews that feature people who used this technique to make fundamental changes in large organizations but also it covers stories of mow people within small organizations have done amazing things.

Buy the book here: Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life

Life After School Just Got a Whole Lot Clearer


The-BigsThe Bigs
The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals About; How to Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Be a Leader, Start a Business, Stay Out of Trouble, and Live A Happy Life

by Ben Carpenter

A book for students and the parents of said students on the things they need to be doing right now to get ready to excel in life. I would consider this a must read book for people who are interested in a roadmap for the young job seeker and even for those that are looking at a career shift.

There are no magic formulas in this book but if you take this advice and run with it the results might feel magical. The advice come from a father that wanted his doughtier to know what to do before she was thrust into the real world. The world that no university program covers. In short this book is a roadmap for young people who want an honest and forthright introduction to life.

Buy the book here: The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals About How to Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Be a Leader, Start a Business, Stay Out of Trouble, and Live A Happy Life

Sales Strategy Has to be Built Not Cobbled Together


Duct-Tape-SellingDuct Tape Selling
Think Like a Marketer—Sell Like a Superstar
by John Jantsch

For those of you who have not read any of John’s books you are in for a treat. This book does not mess around and after reading it you will have a very long “to do” list. As with this book’s content John is an “in the trenches” teacher so we get started with some tough questions. Yes it’s about selling but it’s also about relationship building and how social can play a major part in the way you get to know people. Even though the book is focused on small/medium business owners the depth and insight is applicable to any size organization.

So if you want to know how to sell and effectively build and manage a sales team, look no further. Expect your copy to be right on your desk as a permanent feature because you will be referencing it from now on.

For a free chapter of the book please go here.

Buy the book here: Duct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer—Sell Like a Superstar