How Open Conversations in Businesses Can Effect the Bottom Line

Feedback-ImperativeThe Feedback Imperative
How to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team’s Success
by Anna Carroll

Getting feedback on your job performance is critical to a persons feeling of accomplishment. I talk with Anne about feedback cultures and the power and effectiveness to transform and motivate your team or company. The book lays out all the classic feedback situations but also cover a tremendous amount of feedback ideas that are very innovative and surprisingly simple to execute.

We talk about how people ensconced in social media feedback have to be communicated wit differently compared to a manager or potential new client. Working inside a culture that makes communicating hard you are probably loosing a lot of momentum and sometimes substantal losses can be occurs.

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Communicate with Women without Having Your Foot in Your Mouth

How to Communicate with Women
by Steven Lake

Guys are terrible with communication, but when it comes to talking to the fairer sex, forget about it. If you have a woman in your office (or your life) then you should read this book.

It will help you understand how to communicate effectively and also listen and translate what the woman is trying to communicate to you. We learn some amazing techniques and I realize that I have a lot of work to do regarding my ability to listen, learn and respond effectively.

Talk2me: How to Communicate with Women

Are You Writing This Down?

How_to_Write_AnythingHow to Write Anything:
A Complete Guide
by Laura Brown

If you write (and who doesn’t) then this book is an amazing resource. The book literally covers almost any style of writing you could dream up, there are 200 in this massive book. Designed to help you understand how a response can work by using example and showing rewritten versions of the examples. Intuitive and very informative this book should be on almost all of our office desks. We talk about strategies for creating content consistently and with a style and pass that is engaging. I even jump into the deeply worrisome world of punctuation in e-mails and other quick pieces of prose.

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Get More Profit by Harnessing Risk

Risk_Driven_Business_ModelThe Risk-Driven Business Model
Four Questions That Will Define Your Company Hardcover
by Karan Girotra (and Serguei Netessine)

I have an edifying conversation with ? about business models. I discover that understanding risk is a key component to growing a business. But how do you build with risk factored in. I discover that id you play your cards right it’s a win-win for almost any sized business. We talk about how many different types of risk there are and how to address them in innovative and risk aware strategies.

The Risk-Driven Business Model: Four Questions That Will Define Your Company

Maximize Your Closing Potential

Pick-Up-the-Damn-PhonePick Up the Damn Phone!
How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal
by Joanne S. Black

You can be doing all sorts of great marketing, but until you pick up the phone and connect your sales will never be as effective. I talk with Joanne and we dive into the new/old approach that top sales teams are adopting. It all boils down to connecting with people and the best way to do that is through a phone call. Referrals, appointment setting and of course closing has always been more effective than passive marketing. We discover some interesting techniques and approaches to sales that augment your online and direct marketing campaigns.

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Pick Up the Damn Phone! How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal

Selling to a Highly Informed Market

Sales-ActualizationSales Actualization
Outselling the Internet
By Dennis O’Neil

A fun talk about the predicament that a lot of sales professionals face these days. Extinction is a very real threat and one of the only ways to not become a forgotten figure in your company is to understand that the internet is a great way to improve your sales numbers.

Now here’s the tough part. You are probably “way off base” when it comes to sales strategy and the new customer. If you are a sales professional or manage a sales team then this book could make you a lot of money.

Buy the book her: Sales Actualization: Outselling the Internet