The Risk Advantage


The-Risk-AdvantageThe Risk Advantage
Embracing the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge
by Tom Panaggio

Don’t get stuck on your dream you can always change it up. Make something happen is a great battle cry, but why is it? Find out how change can make you a better leader and how the people who copy you are participating in a loosing battle. Learn how risk can be your best friend if you know how to us fit to our advantage. It’s ok to fail so get over it and get into making your business a powerhouse that has a strong tragetary.

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How to be an Entrepreneur with Heart


the-nice-rebootThe NICE Reboot
A Guide to Becoming a Better Female Entrepreneur
by Penina Rybak

My chat with Penina is full of great insights and advice just like her book. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge which shows up throughout the book and our conversation. This step-by-step style book talks to the female entrepreneur and shows them a roadmap to success. Not only are the stories and information motivational but also the amount of reference links and material is a bit overwhelming at time. It is a book to read, and then read again, when a particular challenge his encountered. For anyone who feels the pull of the entrepreneurial sprit in them, this book is a must read regardless if your male or female.

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Changing the World in a Very Special Way


The-Evolution-Corporate-IdealistThe Evolution of a Corporate Idealist
When Girl Meets Oil Hardcover
by Christine Bader

In my talk with Christine I discover how a person on the inside is effecting the social responsibilities of mega corporations in the resource industry. It’s a fascinating journey into the mindset of a person who wants to understand and change the way accountability is perceived and executed in a large organization. How can we help make this a reality and how can we help change the direction of organizations that take years to make decisions, not out of malicious intent but just because they’re that big. Christine’s passion is captured in her compelling story as she works her way into the heart of the organizations and helps make meaningful change happen.

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Overcoming Chaos by Powering Through It


Embrace-the-ChaosEmbrace the Chaos
How India Taught Me to Stop Over thinking and Start Living
by Bob Miglani

In this book Bob and I talk about working in a world wear chaos does not effect you. It’s not a world devoid of chaos, it’s a world where you have overcome the worries associated with the chaos. This book is a eerie of stores with powerful lessons in them. Weather it’s making yourself move, from his experience of catching a bus in India by running and jumping on to freeing your mind to work more efficiently in other stories. It’s a fast read and with the interesting stories throughout the book it makes for a fun read too. As bob says, “Keep moving forward and the small details and problems will work itself out in the long run”.

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Master the Secret of Efficiency by Using “Flow”


The-Rise-of-SupermanThe Rise of Superman
Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance
by Steven Kotler

Ever have several hours disappear and you just blasted through the work that needed to get done? Welcome the the “Flow”. This book shows you what to look for and then teaches you how to recognize and master your ability to get into the “flow”. If you read any book for business this year read this one. We actually get into the flow during the show and blast through a ton of content and deep learning about this amazing phenomenon in just under 38 minutes. You might already be a “Flow Master” and not even know it!

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People Around You Can Help Your Success


What-are-people-skillsWhat Are People Skills Anyway?
by Susan K Maciak

I chat with Susan about her book on people skills and I learn that it’s all about listening. Did you know there are 6 ways to listen? Did you know that HR is looking for people with “People Skills” and not necessarily vast experience. This book is packed full of practical advice and wisdom and is a quick read for managers and job seekers alike. It covers a lot of material that business owners, managers and HR people will really appreciate. Heck it will even improve your home life and could be a great learning tool for your kids.

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